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We supply Australian made kilns and pottery equipment renowned for quality. If you are looking to purchase a kiln or pottery equipment, take a survey of professional potters and pottery clubs to find out which brands will last the distance!

Pottery Kilns

Woodrow kilns use advanced technology to achieve porcelain temperatures using less energy than brick kilns. Their range of single-phase kilns are very popular where three phase power is not available.

Tetlow kilns are regarded as robust workhorses of the pottery world.  Designed using the highest quality materials, ensuring performance, durability and longevity. Many Tetlow kilns are still functional after 30 years.

Venco Products

Potters wheel

Many people have learned to throw on a Venco wheel. The new No3 and Direct Drive wheels are a pleasure to use with quiet sealed bearings and ergonomic foot pedals. 

Slab roller

A slab roller is essential equipment for every classroom or studio. Featuring and easy roller adjustment with thickness indicator, and large diameter operator handle for easy rolling.

Pug mill

A pug mill blends and conditions clay ready for use.  Venco produces robust pug mills for hobby and professional potters.

Made in Albany Western Australia, Venco products are known for their strength, reliability and long life.

Spare Parts

EKS stocks spare parts for all front-loading kilns, including easy to use temperature controllers, thermocouples, electric elements and ventilation systems.


NSIC Shelves

Many potters have read about NSIC kiln shelves (Silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide). We now supply these lightweight eight-millimeter-thick shelves.  Apart from resisting glaze and remaining flat at porcelain temperatures, these shelves take the strain out of stacking large kilns.

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