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Kilns are industrial appliances and should be maintained to provide a safe workplace.  EKS provides on-site service and training throughout Western Australia to schools, universities, pottery clubs, craftspeople and industry.

Regular inspection, testing and replacement of critical components ensures safe, accurate and reliable firing.  Many components wear out with frequent use or degrade with age. 

Routine kiln service tasks-

  • Replacement of thermocouples, contactors, relays, elements and gaskets

  • Refractory brick and insulation repair

  • Safety inspection and condition reporting

  • Testing and tagging

  • Replacement of temperature controllers

  • Safety upgrades

  • Refurbishment and re-wiring

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Disposal and asbestos removal

  • Ventilation testing and repair

Service is also available for studio equipment including pottery wheels and pugmills.

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